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Print Advertising Design for Unity Theatre

A new print campaign for a play in Liverpool called Eddie & Jackie, Jackie & Eddie

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Eddie & Jackie, Jackie & Eddie is a critically acclaimed play from upcoming writer Harry Sherriff, and starring the multi talented Becky Brooks and Eddie Fortune.

After stealing the show and being voted the best short play of the night at the Pilgrim in Liverpool the play was picked up by the famous Unity Theatre for 3 nights.

The Advertising Brief

To maximise their advertising & promotional campaign they hired Mass Appeal Designs to create 2 seperate advertising campaigns including flyers & posters. One design was created to give a glimpse of their life with a table background and handwritten notes from the characters.

The other design was a bit more of a traditional advertising design with professional photography from the writers ‘bird’

The designs where very well received and the play was received to awesome reviews from the local press.