car sales london branding

Brand Identity Design for Sterling Car Sales

A new brand design has just been completed for the London automobile company

car sales london branding Sterling logo design slanted Sterling-car-sales-logo-design-top

Sterling logo design straight

A visually effective new company logo design for Sterling Car Sales has just been finalised, they are a London based company who were referred to Mass Appeal from a previous client (his wife actually).

They required a sterling lion incorporated into the logo design, which required a fair bit of looking into pictures of lions for a couple of hours. Just a normal day really.

We also researched other logos with lion images incorporated into the design, it was an issue trying to come up with something original as a lot of the ideas we came up with looked familiar.

We tried to do something clever (hard I know) by subtly implementing a car shape into the lions head, so subtle no one is yet to notice. Genius.

Job was finished fairly quickly in around a week and we saved the final logo in a few different layouts and colour schemes. We are proud to feature the logo in our logo design portfolio. Everyones a winner.