21/10/2013 darren mcchrystal


First things first, I love the hell out of late 70’s and 80’s John Carpenter movies, the 90’s to the present day less so, but his classic movies are perfect fodder for graphic designers & illustrators to get truly creative.


Always in the top 10 horror films of all time and arguably his most acclaimed & iconic movie, the official posters are pretty simple and we have some awesome minimal alternate Halloween posters too.


This is a nice simple minimal poster for Halloween by someone calling themselves 3-DMonster, probably not their real name but this is pretty cool and is available to purchase as a print right here.

Halloween Poster 5

Ken Taylor

This is a Halloween print I would definitely have on my wall if I had a wall and if my wife would allow it, hence she won’t but if we ever get divorced this is mine. Its by Ken Taylor and you can purchase this and more of his awesome work here.

Halloween Poster 4


Minimal poster art from KreepyKustomz, more work from here

halloween alternate poster

Nathan Thomas Milliner

This is just a beautiful piece of dvd art by comic artist Nathan Thomas Milliner, he has also done work for Nightmare on Elm Street, Day of the Dead and The Howling. You can check out all his awesome work on his site at

Halloween Poster 3

Official Halloween Poster This is iconic original poster for Halloween from the days before ensemble posters like Scream and Halloween H20 or whatever it was called

Halloween Poster 2 Halloween Poster 1

The Thing

Probably the best movie ever set is snow, probably his most tense movie with one of the best ambiguous ending in movie history. The Thing gives a lot of creative scope for designers to get their fingers into.

The Thing Movie Poster 1 The Thing Movie Poster 2 The Thing Movie Poster 3 The Thing Movie Poster 4 The Thing Movie Poster 5 The Thing Movie Poster 6 The Thing Movie Poster 7 The Thing Movie Poster 8 The Thing Movie Poster 9 The Thing Movie Poster 10 The Thing Movie Poster 11 The Thing Movie Poster 12

Assault on Precinct 13

Probably my favourite John Carpenter theme tune, Assault on Precinct 13 doesn’t really have the iconic characters as his other movies but the premise still has plenty of scope for some imaginative illustrations Assault on Precinct 13 Assault on Precinct 13 4     Assault on Precinct 13 3   Assault on Precinct 13 2

Big Trouble in Little China

Probably the perfect film to come home drunk and watch and a film designers tend to love. Mixing martial arts, comedy, Kurt Russell and horror, whats not to love. Big Trouble in Little China Poster 1 Big Trouble in Little China Poster 2 Big Trouble in Little China Poster 3 Big Trouble in Little China Poster 3 Big Trouble in Little China Poster 5 Big Trouble in Little China Poster 6 Big Trouble in Little China Poster 7 Big Trouble in Little China Poster 8

Escape from New York

Probably my favourite Carpenter movie, I’m a post apocalyptic kind of guy you see. Escape from New York 8 Escape from New York 1 Escape from New York 2 Escape from New York 3 Escape from New York 4 Escape from New York 5 Escape from New York 6 Escape from New York 7

They Live

One of John Carpenters most iconic movies thanks to the mass of hipsters wearing ‘obey’ t-shirts. I have probably watched this more than any other Carpenter movie. Its definitely Rowdy Roddy Pipers greatest movie. There are hundreds of fan made alternate posters for They Live so we cherry picked the best so far They Live alternate poster 1 They Live alternate poster 2 They Live alternate poster 3 They Live alternate poster 4 They Live alternate poster 5 They Live alternate poster 6 They Live alternate poster 7 They Live alternate poster 8