Music & Artists To Get Designers Creative Juices Flowing

Music & Artists To Get Designers Creative Juices Flowing
20/11/2013 darren mcchrystal

As designers, developers & creatives, getting creative & staying creative throughout the day can be the biggest issue we face (apart from cash). 

Whether you are in a crowded ‘banter’ heavy office or working out of a cafe/bar surrounded by fine ladies, sometimes Graphic Designers & Web Developers just need to put on a par of ridiculously large headphones and get in the creative zone. 

Here are my personal favourite bands/artists that get me through the day and keep my creative energy from sagging.

Feel free to subscribe to my ‘BEATS TO WORK TO‘ Playlist on Spotify, its a beast as we say in Liverpool.

Boards of Canada

This is a pretty obvious one but most of the best stuff is. Boards of Canada are one of the most popular bands among designers. Nice chilled beats with a sinister vibe with no vocals are perfect for working alongside.

Boards of Canada on Spotify


Another long term favourite of mine, especially if I am feeling a bit post apocalyptic

Mogwai on Spotify


DJ Shadow

Another obvious one but I ain’t trying to trendy or unique

DJ Shadow on Spotify

DJ Krush

Another DJ and purveyor of beats that has taken prominence on my trusty, scratch filled Ipod classic. Not as well known as Shadow but just as good.

DJ Krush on Spotify


I don’t really have much to say about Bonobo but that I have been listening a lot to them while working, which is the point of this blog really.

Bonobo on Spotify

Aphex Twin

Yeah I posted the most obvious song and video because its still pretty damn awesome and creepy (which is how people describe me). Aphex Twin can go from nice chilled out beats, to eerily sinister and then to just unlistenable noise. Which probably represents the average designers day.

Aphex Twin on Spotify

DJ Vadim

Lazily described as the Russian DJ Shadow, when I first got into the web design lark DJ Vadim’s site one if the first that I got familiar with and opened my eyes to all kinds of possibilities.

DJ Vadim on Spotify

Zombie Zombie

I first became aware of these French dudes when they did an album based on John Carpenter themes, as you know (or probably don’t) I’m a huge John Carpenter fan, check out these alternate poster designs for his movies.

Zombie Zombie on Spotfiy


Probably the best dance band to come out of Kent, Orbital have been around for decades and pretty much influenced every dance band around today.

Orbital on Spotify

Company Flow

Considered by my good self some of Hip-Hop’s darkest days is the mid 90’s, during them Puff Daddy nightmarish years Company Flow gave me the kind of rap that I like, I still listen to them now and they also have an awesome instrumental album ‘Little Johnny from the hospital’ too thats worth checking out.

Company Flow on Spotify


One of the most listened to artist’s on my Ipod, Unkle is the brain child of James Lavelle and Tim Goldsworthy and their sound as well as band members is constantly evolving, from dance to cinematic atmospherics and everything in between Unkle are another favourite of designers.

Unkle on Spotify



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